Brasco preforms a manual application of Organic Fresh® Chemical to surfaces by use of an atomization spraying device. This method was developed and patented during the Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa.

In order for effective sanitization to take place, the area will need to be evacuated for a maximum of 60 minutes for our team to come in and manually spray the disinfecting chemical on all countertops, shelves, doors and handles, trolleys, pay points, etc. A fine mist will settle on all surfaces and dry within a few minutes. Its advised that the store is only occupied 30 minutes after application is completed as it takes 30 minutes for the chemical to actively break down any contamination.

This method ensures that all surfaces / touch points that may have been infected by an infected customer or employee is sanitised, even those areas that may not have been cleaned by your regular cleaning staff on a daily basis. Please note that this does not prevent future infection of these surfaces / touch points once application is completed, that is why it is recommended to apply this form of sanitisation at least once a week.


Our sanitisation product is safe for humans, animals food and the environment. That means it is Environmentally Safe , Non Toxic , Non Flammable, contains no Alcohol and no Chlorine. It is biodegradable and seals surfaces as at a Microscopic Levels. It therefore protects Surfaces and is Safe for Any Material.

Description of the technology

By utilizing smaller building blocks, nano-based fluids can coat disinfect and fill microscopic surface recesses thereby providing superior cleaning, disinfection, coating and protective properties.

Through increased surface contact, and adding positive charges, nano materials in nano-based fluids also attain better anchorage – that is, they stick to surfaces better for longer lasting results.

  • Cleans: thoroughly & protects against build-up of dirt
  • Disinfects surfaces on contact
  • Kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses in less than 5 minutes
  • Protects: against oxidation and corrosion
  • Temperature Resistant: from – 40° C to + 300°C

  (- 40° F to + 572° F)

  • Disinfects: all surfaces to a high degree
  • Non-toxic & environmentally safe
  • Enhances the shine and luster of any smooth surface up to 100%
  • UV resistance: for months & pH 5






We are the official registered distributor Q-sol powered by Viral Shield, ionic copper sanitiser.

This eco-friendly, non-alcohol based sanitising solution can be used for washing surfaces, fabric, and hand sanitiser and even used in facial masks.

The ultimate Kid friendly hand sanitiser:

As a parent we worry all the time!  Is too much alcohol in your sanitiser bad for your child’s skin? Is it non-toxic and non-flammable?  We have a range of products that are super kid friendly!

  • Kills Corona Virus, bacteria, mold & fungi within 5 minutes of being sprayed onto hands or surfaces.
  • Alcohol free, Non-Toxic & Non-flammable.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Feels like you are spraying water on your hands.

The waterless hand sanitzer.

  • Clear Liquid Waterless Sanitizer.
  • Non-Sticky and quick drying.
  • 80% Alcohol v/v (Ethanol,Isopropyl, Glycerol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Aqua)
  • Ingredients are Food Grade and / or Pharma Grade.
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 manufacturing facility.
  • Manufactured in accordance with the WHO recommended hand-rub guidelines.
  • High quality product at a competitive price
  • MSDS available on request


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